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Company Members

Zawadi African Dance & Drum is among the most renowned live entertainment companies. We’ve been around since 1994, and have provided our community of supporters with a wide range of performances, shows and community classes. For many years, we’ve been at the forefront of the industry - giving community artists the chance to appear in our high-end annual concert and audiences an opportunity to see these talents come to life.

Karen Miles, Founder/Director, Tauheedah Miles, Assistant,
MujibaWadud-Razzaqq, Elder Advisor, Juanita Wilson, Elder Advisor

Marcia Heard, Historian, Diane K. Wade, Secretary, Yvonne Onque, Graphic Designer,

Kelly Barnes, Treasurer

Planning Committee
Michelle Doctor, Staci Ellis, Darice Gonzalez, Nichole Jackson,

Tauheedah Miles, Shante Pierre, Amina Rivers, Element


Kimbella Francois, Nyrie Lendor, Kourtney Pierre, Paige Pierre
Empathy White, Kindred White. Lyric White
Caitlin Evans Worthington


Rebel Hayward, A’Sya Hines, Chela Jackson, Alesha Larkin

Olivia Love, Anayah Randle

Dara Ayinde, Camille Barnes
, Uhurah Bey, Tyra Campbell

Trenise Campbell, Jasmine-Abeni Carter, Nyla Dunbar, Eshea Gilbert

Dayiel Grant, Minkah Jones, Takara Phillips, Xharia Rivers, Lanisa Sams

Elijah Davis, Michelle Doctor
, Staci Ellis, Darice Gonzalez, Crystal Harrison
John Hines, Nicole Jackson, Tauheedah Miles, Tiffany Mitchell

Shante Pierre, Merlyssa Prince, Lovely Randle, Amina Rivers, Diane K. Wade,

Monique Wade, Nyema Taylor White, Mekka Wilson


NaShiloh Allen, Ahadu Chase, Nah-Tiece Curry, Fred Davis, MTen Halsey
Khalid Hunter, Tienne Prince, Timothy Randle, Dion River, Jhiani Rivers
Clyde Williams, Jr., Kiinar Zahiratu, K’Zuril Zahiratu

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